Vegan-Friendly Joints In and Around New Orleans

Vegan Food in New Orleans!?

***Hello friends!  A note: I am not updating this list page as frequently as The Map, so there are many locations on the map that are not yet on the list!  Apologies for any confusion!***

It's true - you can find great vegan food in nearly every neighborhood of New Orleans.  Just check out this map of vegan options in Nola!  Sometimes it's where you'd expect it, but often it's hidden where you'd never guess.  Awesome tofu po boys in the back of a French Quarter bar?  Yup!

If we're missing something, please let us know! We'd love to hear from you.  Also, please keep in mind that this list is always growing and becoming more detailed. So if you have info to share, you can help make it better!

On using this list: if you're not on your phone, I'd suggest using ctrl+f to look for neighborhoods, types of food, or specific restaurants.  We're low tech, at least for now!  Don't forget to stop by our Blog, which highlights all the awesome vegan events around town.  We hope this page will help you have an awesome vegan experience here in New Orleans.  Happy eating!

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants, Cafes, and More in New Orleans

New Orleans Vegan Restauranteurs:

3 Potato 4 (potato snacks, soups, chilli, more)
Broadmore Location: 2727 S. Broad
Opened in October 2013, owner Jehan Strouse has re-imagined the sci-fi themed 3 Potato 4 franchise as an all-vegan, all organic, biodynamic restaurant!  On offer are several kinds of baked (not fried) potato wedges with a variety of sauces made in-house, as well as soups, chilis, and a large selection of healthy beverage options - not to mention chocolate-dipped bananas!  Keep an eye on this spot for community events!

Reggae Roots Cafe (Ital)
St. Roch / Bywater location: 1932 St. Roch (around the back!)
Weekly popup every Friday; check the Facebook page for details and menus!

O! Vegasm (all-vegan brunch, dinner, and pastries)
Location varies - check FB for updates.
Chef John Morales has presented several incarnations of vegan brunch, and has provided vegan pastries to cafes around town.  Check out the Facebook page for events and menus.

Sid and Dom's Vegan Delites (Weekly vegan brunch, catering, and pop-ups)
Locations vary - check their FB page to see where they'll be!
Sid and Dom have been "cooking this way forever," but began sharing their talents with hungry New Orleanians in the Spring of 2013.  Watch for their brunches at cafes around town and guest appearances at the Golden Feather, or contact them for a week's worth of vegan meals or any other catering needs!

V Kitchen at Bridge Lounge (vegan food with some Wandering Buddha faves, menu rotates)
Christion Troxell of Wandering Buddha fame has a new partner, and together they are cranking out new vegan delights at Bridge Lounge every Monday and often on Tuesday as well.  Check the WB facebook page for details and weekly menus.

The Wandering Buddha (all-vegan traditional Korean cuisine and bar) - temporarily closed
New Orleans' first full-time vegan restaurant, and one of the only Korean restaurants in town.  I have eaten their meticulously prepared food many times now, and sampled nearly everything they make, and it is all SO GOOD it's kinda unbelievable.  I highly suggest the "rice cake" entree.  It's not what you expect - it's way, way better.

New Orleans Food Trucks with Vegan Options:

There are also plenty of other places that can serve you a great vegan meal, or at least some snacks...

13 Bar and Restaurant (AKA 13 Monaghan) (American / New Orleans Cuisine and bar)
Marigny location: 517 Frenchmen Street
just above Decatur, close to the French Quarter
BBQ Tofu po boy! Granted, it's really just the herbed tofu smothered in BBQ sauce, but I'm OK with that.  At first I thought I'd have to hold the mayo, but no - I just have to sub it for the vegan mayo that they offer.  The Herb Tofu sandwich itself is quite tasty.  And those aren't the only vegan options - they also do lovely things with a portobello, and more.  Just think, I may have to go there two more times before I've tried everything!  Vegans, let us rejoice: the Faubourg Marigny Triangle has entered the 21st Century.

Angelo Brocato’s (pastry and gelato {ice cream})
Mid-City location: 214 N. Carrollton near the intersection with Canal Street
streetcar accessible (Canal Street line and N. Carrollton line)
Brocato's surprisingly has a number of vegan options, including Italian ices made in-house as well as several types of traditional Sicilian cookies. Check the prepackaged cookies for ingredients.  Those that are vegan tend to be the hard biscotti such as the seed cookies, Biscotti Inglese, and chocolate pastines. This is serious old school New Orleans, up to and including St. Joseph’s altars in mid-March.

August Moon (Chinese food)
Uptown location: 3635 Prytania behind Touro Hospital
streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
This is a good place to visit if you just want "Chinese food" - some tofu and vegetables in a tangy sweet and/or salty sauce over rice.  August Moon does this really, really well.  It boasts nearly a full page of "vegetarian" options that are either all vegetable oriented or include fried rectangles of tofu in various sauces.  I suggest the tofu in tomato sauce for something a little different.  While this location does also serve Vietnamese food, it's not for the vegan crowd.

Bennachin (African cuisine)
French Quarter location: 1212 Royal Street between Governor Nicholls and Barracks
I know many people who simply rave about this place, and I think I wasn’t blown away by it because I lived in NYC for too long.  Bennachin states that its recipes are inspired by the traditional fares of Gambia and Cameroon.  The meal (and yes, I’ve only been there once) that I had there was similar to Ethiopian food I’ve had, except without the awesome injera and with far less variety.  There really weren’t many vegan options, but they were definitely present and the waitress knew exactly what was what.**  For me, this place falls squarely in the “it’s a nice option” category.

**There is a rumor that there is chicken stock in some of the items listed as vegetarian.  If this bothers you, I suggest that you ask your server very specifically to ask the kitchen if the dish you're interested in is cooked with meat stock.  If it really REALLY bothers you, just skip it and go to Cafe Abyssinia.

Ba Chi Canteen (Vietnamese)
Uptown / Riverbend location: 7900 Maple just off S. Carrollton
Streetcar Accessible (S. Carrollton line, when operating)
The Vietnamese cuisine scene is exploding in Nola, and luckily they are catching on to the fact that the veg crowd wants in.  The back side of Ba Chi's menu is all vegetarian, and most items are either already vegan or easily veganizable.  Watch out for aioli - it's mayonnaise based.  The curry tofu baco comes highly recommended!

Back to the Garden (lunch spot)
Central Business District location: 833 Howard Avenue
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
If you happen to be just north of Lee Circle around lunchtime and crave some veggie chili, this is the spot for you.  There is a vegetarian section, most of which can be vegan (if you leave off the cheese).  The side salad is worth the four bucks, and the hummus pita has a sort of crazy amount of hummus on it.  And if you're within a couple of blocks, they'll deliver.

Beaucoup Juice
Uptown / Central City location: 4719 Freret Street
Boucoup has terrible hours for working people.  BUT they have amazing juice combos, plus juice sno balls which is just amazing.  The interior decor is also super fun to look at.  Stop by after getting your comic books at Crescent City Comics across the street.

Breads on Oak (bakery)
Riverbend location: 8640 Oak Street
Hands down the best selection of vegan pastry in town.  Delicious king cakes during the season, sometimes plain and filled croissants, sandwiches, and other vegan treats appear regularly.  They occasionally even make vegan cream-filled donuts and beignets!  Hours are limited so check before dropping by.

Cafe Abyssinia (Ethiopian cuisine)
Uptown / Garden District location: 3511 Magazine Street between Aline and Foucher
a few blocks upriver from Louisiana, streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Ethiopian in New Orleans!  Hooray!  Don't let the humble outside fool you - the interior is comfortable and interestingly decorated.  Some early reviews I've seen mention poor service, but when I've visited the service was great.  It may vary, as service does in many places, or it may have taken some time after opening to iron out the kinks.  But regardless, the food is excellent - on par with everything I've had in DC and NYC.  I've never been to Africa, so I can't say whether it's really authentic Ethiopian food of course.  I can only tell you that it is completely delicious.  Try the spice tea - it's decaf / herbal, delicious, and according to one server "tastes like Christmas."  Go ahead and get the pot - the presentation is delightful.

Cafe Granada (Spanish entrees and tapas)
Riverbend location: 1506 S. Carrollton
Streetcar accessible (S. Carrollton line, when running)
Vegan.  Stuffed.  Mushrooms.  Yes!  This is a lovely spot for a lunch alone, a romantic dinner for two, or a small gathering of friends.   Items that are vegan as served include:
  • Aceitunas a la Sevillana: marinated olives, artichokes, and roasted bell peppers
  • Fabada: baby lima beans, artichokes, sundried tomatoes cooked in vegetable broth
  • Stuffed Mushrooms: button mushrooms stuffed with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, and almonds
  • Andalusian Gazpacho
  • Ensalada de Berros: spring mix with heart of palm, avocado, almonds, grapefruit, and citrus vinaigrette
Easily veganized items include:
  • Zucchini Fritters (order without the saffron aioli)
  • Patatas Bravas: potatoes sauteed in spicy tomato sauce (order without the garlic aioli)
  • Eggplant Granada: grilled layers of eggplant stuffed with mushrooms and topped with caramelized onions (order without romesco sauce)

Cake Cafe (American)
Bywater location: 2440 Chartres
Per Vegan New Orleans: "Their tofu sandwich, tofu scramble, and French bread are vegan. The roasted vegetable sandwich can be veganized by omitting goat cheese, and they have vegan specials and soups."

Carmo: (Caribbean and Central and South American)
Downtown / CBD location: 527 Julia Street between Camp and Magazine
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Carmo is the only place I know of in the city where you'll find this kind of island and Central / South American cuisine that keeps vegans in mind.  It's not a veg restaurant, but several dishes can have vegan ham substituted for the real thing, and a number of others are vegan as is. The shop is small and it's counter service, so it's not a place for a fancy night out.  But it is a warm and inviting space, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  And the food is amazing!  Do not skip the cacao juice - you're not likely to find it elsewhere.

Country Flame (Mexican)
French Quarter location: 620 Iberville
Streetcar accessible (Canal St. Line)
I have not not been here yet personally, but an enthusiastic reader states as follows: "I would also recommend Country Flame, it's about a block off Canal. I got some great fried sweet plantain fajitas. They also have yucca fajitas. They bring you a giant basket of chips and salsa right away. It's a great little hole in the wall place."  Let me know if you check it out!

Courtyard Grill (Mediterranean)
Uptown location: 4430 Magazine Street near Napoleon
Streetcar accesible (St. Charles Line)
More or less the same hummus etc. that you find in the other middle eastern places around town, but watch out for dairy products.  Servers are friendly and knowledgeable.

The Creole Creamery (ice cream)
Uptown location: 4929 Prytania at Upperline
in the old Mackenzie's storefront - neon intact
Now, while the name certainly doesn't scream "vegan," the Creamery does in fact usually have about four flavors of Italian ice made in-house.  You can even get a sampler of four mini-scoops and be fancy about it.  Make sure to check out the original Mackenzie's neon on the building's facade - it's a piece of New Orleans history.

Dat Dog (hot dogs)
Uptown location: 5030 Freret Street near the Jefferson end of the strip
With all the hoopla about Dat Dog and its veg options, I was disappointed to find that only their chipotle sausage is vegan - not the veggie dog, and not the buns.  Alas.  I have been told, though, that you can bring your own bun to be grilled or steamed.  If you're still looking for a dog, check out Dreamy Weenies in the French Quarter.

Dick & Jenny's (New Orleans cuisine)
Uptown location: 4501 Tchoupitoulas near Napoleon
As is the case with so many of these "local" places, there is nothing on the menu for us - and there are a few things that will make you wonder why you're there (alligator cheesecake?  REALLY?).  But, at least in my experience, if you call ahead they will be very nice and will make you an awesome meal.  So if you end up there with your family (like I did, because it was my sister's birthday, and it's her favorite place, etc., etc...), you can dine well.  And definitely check out their drinks menu - it's absolutely killer.

Dreamy Weenies (hot dogs)
French Quarter location: 740 N. Rampart Street
I have yet to visit Dreamy Weenies, but the inside vegan intel on them is this: "All of our side items are vegan except the potato salad. [We have] three vegan dogs - two tofu based and one falafel. We also have vegan chili and cheese. We do have a vegan bun but you'll have to ask for it."  So there you go!  If you find yourself in the neighborhood, check it out!

Fair Grinds Coffee House (coffee shop)
Bayou St. John / Mid-City / Esplanade Ridge location: 3133 Ponce de Leon just off Esplanade
right below the Fair Grounds – get it?
As the name implies, they use only fair trade coffee.  The seating space is large and softly lit, and there are ample plugs for you laptop types.  A long (covered) patio frames the side of the building, lovely when the weather is good.  Serving as something of a community center, there are frequently classes in the (otherwise closed) upstairs space.

Feelings Cafe (fine dining)
Marigny location: 2100 Chartres (at Franklin)
Feelings has got to be THE spot for a romantic vegan dinner for two.  Make reservations for a not-so-popular time slot and ask to be seated on the patio.  And then feast your eyes and your palettes on their VEGAN menu!  Round out the evening with a nightcap at Mimi's or Lost Love Lounge.

Flora Gallery and Coffee Shop (coffee shop)
Marigny / Bywater location: 2600 Royal at the corner of Franklin
An eccentric and artistic coffee shop in the midst of a number of hip Marigny offerings.  Mimi's in the Marigny is just across the street, Lost Love Lounge a block up, and the Healing Center (home to the New Orleans Food Co-Op) is a mere stone's throw.  I've been fond of Flora since well before Katrina, and it doesn't seem to have changed a bit.  Occasionally featured items such as "homemade" vegan cupcakes.  And, of course, their soy latte is top notch.

Frosty's Caffe (Vietnamese cuisine and bubble tea)
Metairie location: 3400 Cleary Avenue, just lakeside of Veterans Boulevard
Famous for bringing bubble tea to Nola.  UPDATE: I can no longer suggest eating any of the food at Frosty's.  It broke my heart (and made me a bit nauseous) to discover that their peanut sauce is made with pork.  Oh, Frosty's, why have you forsaken me?

Golden Feather (New Orleans food)
French Quarter / Treme location:
Streetcar accessible (Canal St. Line)
I have it on good authority both from Cassandra of Vegan New Orleans and from Christion Troxell of The Wandering Buddha that there are several vegan dishes available.  And there is not doubt that this restaurant, run by Mardi Gras Indians, is a unique New Orleanian experience.

Green Goddess (eclectic world cuisine)
French Quarter location: 307 Exchange Place*
*this is an alley, off Bienville between Royal and Charters
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line and Canal Street line)
This place happens to be half owned by my second cousin.  (When you’re from a Catholic family and in New Orleans, you pretty much can’t throw a rock without hitting one of your cousins.)  Vegetarian items are noted (but not consistently) on the menu, but whichever chef is on duty will be happy to create you some vegan gourmet delicacies.  You will also have a drink menu to choose from that is maybe more extensive than the food menu.  But hey, you’re in the Quarter – you were planning to be smashed before noon right?  Plan for the fact that this place is TINY.  There’s space for maybe six people to sit inside (total), and that’s six people who really, really like each other.  So go on a day when it’s nice out and sit in the alley.  It’s a better experience that way anyway.

Green Tea (Chinese, delivery, disgusting)
I highly suggest you DO NOT EAT HERE unless you will starve to death otherwise, have a gun to your head, or are otherwise not long for this earthly plane.  They do technically have some vegan tofu options.  But if you are not absolutely forced to eat here, please head up the road to August Moon where the prices are marginally higher and the food is 1000% better.

Hey! Cafe (coffee shop)
Uptown / Garden District location: 4332 Magazine near the corner of Napoleon
next to Miss Mae's "The Club"
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
You can get coffee with soy milk here... or with almond milk.  Fancy that.  You can also get a vegan lunch, with expanded offerings now including either a sunshine burger *or* a gourmet grilled cheeze made with Daiya.  They do have vegetarian "chick'n", but it's good ol' Quorn, those crazy mushroom patties stuck together with egg.  Try the sunshine burger with some daiya - delish.  From time to time they also have locally made vegan pastries on offer.  You can check out their hilariously retro web site here.

HiVolt Coffee (coffee shop)
Irish Channel location: 1829 Sophie Wright Place, just up the street from the Half Moon
Word on the street is that these folks are keeping vegan pastries in stock.  I also hear tell of a vegan BLT!  Stop by and check it out, and thank them for working to be inclusive!

Jazmine Cafe (Vietnamese)
Uptown / Carrollton / Riverbend location: 614 S. Carrollton
very near where Carrollton meets St. Charles
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
I've eaten here approximately one billion times, and have been pleasantly surprised to find a large selection of vegan dishes and a staff well educated on which of their items contain animal products.  Everything has been good – noodles, soups, summer rolls (which they call vegetarian spring rolls), etc.  As with most Vietnamese places though, beware the nuac mam (a condiment that includes fish sauce). Just ask for peanut sauce instead.  What's fun is that when you order the tofu and avocado bun, which you totes should, it'll come with peanut sauce automatically.  :)

Juan’s Flying Burrito (Mission style Mexican)
Uptown / Lower Garden District location: 2018 Magazine Street
near the Camp Street split, Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Mid-City location: 4724 N. Carrollton Avenue
at the corner of Carrollton and Canal, streetcar accessible (Canal St. line or N. Carrollton line)
It used to be that Carrollton had much faster service than Magazine, but now that seems to depend on day and time - weeknights, you're probably better off on Magazine. You’ll have to leave stuff off of most items; no one has yet convinced them to carry soy cheese or sour cream, or even tofu.  But they've been asking around lately about what veg options their customers would like to see, so fingers crossed.  The make-your-own tacos can be killer – try them with sweet potatoes and grilled corn.  Another fave of mine is the "super green" burrito.  They actually ask whether you want it with or without dairy, and it is just absolutely perfect as is.  (**The uptown shop is no longer offering the Spicy Vegan Island Tacos.  But if you ask for them they will generally make a close approximation.  And if we ask often enough...)  Final word of wisdom: unless you really, really like jalapenos, ask to leave them off!  Check out their website here.

Jughead's Patio Bar and Grille
Bywater location: 801 Poland Avenue
Per their posting on the Vegan New Orleans Facebook page:
Now every Sunday and Monday, Red Beans & Rice at the Jughead! Vegan: $4.50. $2 drinks at happy hour, 3 to 7. And VEGANS, the Daiya is here! Vegan Cheesesteak with portobello and Daiya Mozzarella, vegan mac n cheese, Portobello Rustica sandwich, beer battered portobello fingers with sweet chili dipping sauce and other vegan specials weekly!
KC’s Babycakes (cupcakery)
Northshore / Mandeville
Granted, this is a little bit of a jaunt for most of us. But OMG, if you want amazing vegan cupcakes it is SO worth it.  And come on, it’s a scenic drive.  She of course makes non-vegan cupcakes, which I’m sure are excellent... if you’re into that sort of thing.  But why would you bother when the vegan cupcakes will ROCK YOUR WORLD??  A number of her flavors are vegan by default (that's just how she makes 'em), including Chocolate Groom's Cake, Banana Split, Lemon Macadamia, and the seasonal and ah-may-zing Brown Sugar Fig!  All of her seasonals are kinda earthshattering.  King Cake cupcake?  WHAT??  Yeah.  KC no longer maintains a storefront, but check out her FB to make an order.

Kim Son (Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine)
Westbank location: 1209 Westbank Expressway (where it crosses Whitney Ave)
So far as we can tell, this is the only place to get mock meats (chick'n and such) now that Cafe Bamboo has left us.  And while vegans should eat a balanced diet of whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and fresh fruits and vegetables most of the time, you just gotta get your sweet and sour chick'n on every now and then. While Kim Son technically serves both Chinese and Vietnamese food, the only veg Vietnamese option you'll find on the menu is the "vegetarian spring roll" on the veg page - it's basically a summer roll, and a really good one.  (If you're looking for Vietnamese on the Westbank, you're probably better off just heading to Pho Tau Bay.)  I FINALLY got to eat here - third time's the charm I guess.  And I don't think it's going to blow your mind or anything.  But I'm glad to have the option, and with an entire page of "vegetarian" options (beware - some of these DO contain egg) I won't run out of things to try.  The "bean cake with curry and coconut sauce in clay pot" is pretty darn tasty.  The hot and sour soup, however... well let's just say it's not what you remember from your pre-v days.

Krewe du Brew (coffee shop)
CBD / LGD location: 1610 St. Charles Avenue
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
A solid cup of coffee with a vegan pastry on the side - that's the ticket.  Look for Shake Sugary goods on the counter.  And ask for vegan cream cheese on your Artz bagel!  Check out local art on display while you wait for your soy latte.

La Thai (Thai cuisine)
Uptown location: 4938 Prytania at the corner of Robert
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Glitzy on the inside, with decor prominently featuring sparkling crystals and saturated draperies.  Despite all the glamor, most of the entrees run around $12, so it's a nice night out that won't break the bank.  There is a small but respectable vegetarian section toward the back of the menu that includes several dishes featuring well-pressed tofu and a nice variety of vegetables cooked to perfection.  There's also a full bar up front, in case you'd prefer to drink your dinner.  Finally, it's on the same block as the Creole Creamery, just in case after dinner you're feeling like a little Italian ice.

Lebanon's Cafe (Lebanese / Mediterranean cuisine)
Uptown / Riverbend location: 1500 S. Carrollton
Streetcar accessible (S. Carrollton line)
Similar offerings to Mona's, Courtyard Grill, and the like - hummus, falafel, etc. - but with a few unique offerings.  Try them all and see which suits you best!

Lilly's Cafe (Vietnamese cuisine)
Uptown / Lower Garden District / Irish Channel location: 1813 Magazine Street
Lilly's offers more or less the same vegan options as other Vietnamese places in the region, the big exception being that they use the word Vegan on the menu!  Unfortunately, they are not as savvy as they would like: the tofu salad, listed in the Vegan section of the menu, is dressed with nuac mam - which of course contains fish sauce.  Other than that, though, it's good fare.  The vegetable spring rolls and garlic tofu bun are solid offerings.  People rave about the spicy tofu appetizer - it is tasty but they mean it when they say spicy.  The vegan pho is satisfying; better than the one at Magasin but not as good as Lost Love Lounge.  Bottom line: if you're in the area and looking for Vietnamese, you'll do just fine here.

Lola’s (Spanish cuisine)
Bayou St. John / Mid-City / Esplanade Ridge location: 3312 Esplanade
above N. Broad, virtually across Esplanade from Fair Grinds (above)
The vegan “specialty” here is the paella.  Served in cast iron skillets chosen in one of four sizes (personal through feed-a-small-army), you can order a small to eat by yourself or a large to share with your crew.  They serve complimentary bread with a special blend of olive and other vegetable oils – totally vegan.  This is another “nice option” place, but also goes into a “night out” category.  Interesting: the restaurant sells art by local artist Simon (you’ll know it when you see it).  Could make for a great first date place, as there’s plenty to look at and talk about.  Follow it up with a romantic evening walk around City Park...  ;)

Lost Love Lounge (Vietnamese cuisine and bar)
Marigny / Bywater location: 2529 Dauphine Street at the corner of Franklin
This is hands down the best pho I've ever had... AND IT'S VEGAN.  (Well, the vegetarian versions anyway.  Clearly not when you order it with, say, beef.  I've heard a rumor that it is made with some kind of meat broth, but co-owner Bill Walker {and my taste buds} have confirmed repeatedly that this is not true.)  There are a number of labeled vegetarian dishes on the menu, primarily made with tofu.  Just avoid the nuac mam with the bun and ask for your banh mi without mayonnaise (sub peanut sauce, perhaps?), and you'll be good to go.  About the tofu: The tofu for sandwiches is tempura fried, and I'm assured that it is utterly without egg.  The regular and tamarind tofu for other dishes is also tempura fried (battered), but the curry tofu is not.  So if you want something less greasy, the curry is the way to go.  Never fear, it's not spicy and has only the most mild of curry flavors.  It's quite good actually.  The back seating area is smoke-free for comfortable dining, but it does get a bit warm from the kitchen during the weekend lunches.  For evening dining it's nice and cool... but beware, you may be subjected to some open mic poetry or karaoke.  Lost Love is also the sometimes-host of Vegan Drinks New Orleans.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen (Pizza, pasta, etc.)
French Quarter location only: 95 French Market Place, at the corner of Barracks and the Market
LPK has rolled out a VEGAN MENU that includes Daiya and Beyond Meat options for its pizzas, a tempeh ruben, pastas, and more!  Stop by to show your support and appreciation of this awesome vegan option downtown!

The Lucky Rooster (pan Asian, including Korean and Vietnamese options)
CBD location: 515 Baronne Street
Several vegan menu items including a pho-like soup and a tofu bahn mi.  Head on down and dine with the condo crowd.

La Macarena Pupusaria (Pupusaria and Latin Cafe)
Riverbend location: 8120 Hampson Street
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles or S. Carrollton line)
La Macarena's website says it all really:"featuring vegetarian and vegan selections."  La Macarena has been on the forefront of bringing awesome vegan options to Nola.  Those options include many items that can't be found elsewhere, such as vegan pupusas and tamales.  Stop by soon, and don't forget to try a delicious agua fresca!  Many thanks to reader Dierdra for pointing out the absence of this great place in my list!

Magasin Vietnamese Cafe (Vietnamese cuisine)
4201 Magazine Street at the corner of Milan
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
I believe Magasin to be the second restaurant in town to actually use the V word on the menu.  Yes!  Really!!  So exciting.  They offer a LABELED vegan pho and a vegan curry.  Woot!  While there is nothing terribly exciting here, there are many other vegan options available and they all seem to be well executed.  These include a tofu banh mi, two kinds of bun, and THREE kinds of veg spring rolls (the soft ones)!  As usual, just request peanut sauce instead of nuac mam and you'll be on your way to vermicelli noodle heaven.

Mais Arepas (Colombian / Latin American cuisine)
CBD / Central City location: 1200 Carondelet, in the spot where Surrey's La Playa used to be
Accessible by streetcar (St. Charles line)
A few vegan and veganizable items on the menu - keep a lookout for vegan specials.  Perhaps with enough encouragement, they'll get more vegan items on the menu!

Mat and Naddie's (New Orleans cuisine)
Riverbend / Black Pearl / Carrollton location: 397 Leonidas Street at River Road
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles / Carrollton lines)
This eccentric local restaurant sometimes has a vegan entree on the menu, and sometimes hosts a vegan special called "Viva los Vegans".  The special is worth it, though they miss details due to less-than-well-educated wait staff (butter on the table, etc.).  The dining room is lovely, simultaneously open but cozy and with the occasional view of a passing train along the levee.  This is definitely a call-ahead, but should be a fine experience as long as you prepare.

Meals from the Heart Cafe (American food)
French Quarter Location: 1100 N. Peters in the French Market
Located within the French Market, this spot may provide a solid lunch option in what otherwise might be unfriendly, seafood-heavy territory.  And after all, it does call itself "Home of Crab Cake Passion."  But while the online menu seems to boast a lot of chicken, turkey, and fish (the so-called "heart healthy options"), firsthand accounts have taught us the following:
Meals From the Heart Cafe in the French Market has a delicious vegan smoothie and some really wonderful vegan meals. They really support a plant based diet and will make you something not on the menu if they have the items on hand. You have to wait a good amount of time for your food but everything is literally made from scratch when you order. It's a little pricey but it's expected for the location.
The black bean burgers and soup were good, and the vegan shake was a nice addition. There were also vegan salads on the menu, and though the wait was long, it was worth it...
Thanks commenters!  I will get down there myself someday...

Mellow Mushroom (pizza with vegan cheese and topping options)
Riverbend location: 8227 Oak Street
Accessible by streetcar (S. Carrollton line)
Metairie location: 3131 Veterans at Causeway (where the Borders used to be)
Mellow Mushroom is a chain that has finally come to Nola.  It's pretty touristy, but offers something most pizza places around here don't: Daiya!  Also tofu, seitan, and a variety of veggies to top it off with.  It's a great choice if you happen to be out on Vets - at the mall maybe?  Gluten-free crust is also available (unsure of its veganity).

Molly's at the Market (bar food... at a bar)
French Quarter location: 1107 Decatur Street
This Decatur Street institution, at which I spent far too much of my twenties, has begun serving a few cheap vegan options such as mac n' cheeze.  I've heard mixed reviews about its quality, but its mere presence is cause for some celebration.  Let's encourage this trend with copious praise and gentle education, shall we?

Mona’s (Middle Eastern / Mediterranean cuisine)
Carrollton location: 1120 S. Carrollton near Oak Street, Streetcar accessible
French Quarter / Faubourg / Marigny location: 504 Frenchmen Street
Mid-City location: 3901 Banks Street at the corner of S. Scott
Uptown / Garden District location: 4126 Magazine Street near Napoleon, Streetcar accessible
Awesome falafel, babaganouj, hummus, red lentil soup, veg grape leaves, foul, qudsia, et cetera.  To be wary of: The grape leaves will come with yogurt sauce unless you ask them to leave it off.  The Lebanese tea is a no no – made with honey.  Likewise, the hot mint tea is fine, but will be served with honey on the side unless you request that it be left off.  Go with the unsweetened mint tea for unsweetened goodness.  Also!  Their spinach pies are vegan!  Just order them with tahini rather than labna.  Bonus: the Banks Street location has a small grocery attached.  Go here for Jordan almonds and candy covered chick peas, Turkish delight, crazy bulk spices and teas, various small housewares, and a variety of jarred and canned fruit and vegetable items that may or may not be pickled / identifiable.  The French Quarter location also incorporates a small market area.

Mondo (worldly New Orleans cuisine / Fine Dining)
Lakeview location: 900 Harrison just before Argonne
Self described as world cuisine with a New Orleanian flair, in truth this is a New Orleans joint to the bone.  To the bone and shell, really: the menu is focused on meat and seafood, with a heavy dose of dairy added in for "good" measure.  Nevertheless, they seem to be making an effort to accommodate us veg types.  A curried cauliflower entree was recently added to the menu; normally served on a bed of basmati rice and topped with raita, the dish becomes vegan if the raita is excluded.  Together with the buckwheat soba noodle starter you have yourself a satisfying and well-presented meal.  And if you're in luck, the soup of the day will be the carrot cumin, a flavorful and entirely vegan puree.  While I've only visited once, the server I spoke with was knowledgeable and used the V word without prompting -  a refreshing change and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Ninja (sushi and Japanese cuisine)
Uptown / Riverbend / Carrollton location: 8433 Oak Street at Joliet, almost to the river
Ask for their special four-page vegetarian / wheat free menu - it notes which items contain egg.  Ninja has a much larger veg sushi selection than anywhere else in town that I've found.  The Vegetarian Sushi special can be quite a treat, but be specific when you order or some fish may slip into some of the sides that come with it.  Also ask for vegan miso - they make it special with a seaweed base!  Watch the seemingly normal wall clock on the hour, and order the iced green tea - delish.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant (Ethiopian)
Uptown / Lower Garden District location: 2130 Magazine Street
Delicious Ethiopian food with plenty of veg dishes and a somewhat more upscale setting than offered at other spots around town.  The restaurant was damaged by fire in April 2013, so keep an eye out and/or call ahead before stopping by.

Nirvana Indian Cuisine (Northern Indian and Goan)
Uptown / Garden District location: 4308 Magazine, just past Napoleon
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
We visited here recently and were pleased to notice that the Vegetarian section was as long as all of the meat sections combined.  Of course, most of the options contain dairy.  But the server knew exactly what did not contain dairy or could be made without - in fact, it was HE who started using the word vegan!  We had a delicious meal and were impressed with the knowledge of the server and the attention to our food. They've told me that when they next print menus, they will note vegan and veganizable options.  :D

The Peacebaker (gluten free and vegan bakery)
Metairie location (car strongly advised): 6601 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
If you're in a car or have access to one, the Peacebaker is definitely worth the trip.  They're giving gluten free a good name... and can you say mini donuts?!

Pho Tau Bay (Vietnamese cuisine)
Westbank location: 113 Westbank Expressway at Evergreen Drive
I love this place enough to cross the river for it, and that’s saying something.  It’s not hard to get to, barely off the Expressway (a.k.a Highway 90).  Take the Stumpf Blvd. exit and continue on the WBE for three lights.  PTB is on the righthand side of the street.  Yes, it's in that ugly, barren-looking strip mall.  Ignore that.  As always with Vietnamese food, beware the nuac mam.  Ask for peanut sauce instead.  And try the VG 6!

Praline Connection (New Orleans / southern cuisine)
Faubourg Marigny location: 542 Frenchmen Street
Don't let the tourist vibe fool you - these are local folks giving the visitors what they want.  They've got what the vegans want as well: five different meat-free bean dishes!  Not to mention big portions at reasonable prices.  If you're looking for some authentic red beans and rice, this is the spot.  This is also one of the best areas in town to catch some free live music!

Ralph’s on the Park (New Orleans cuisine)
Mid-City / Bayou St. John location: 900 City Park Avenue
just across the street from the main entrance to City Park
We had our rehearsal dinner there, and they provided excellent vegan hors d’oeuvres and entrees.  They also cooked a great vegan meal for us on the spot when we stopped by to check out the event space beforehand, with no warning.  So no, they don’t really have anything vegan on the menu (not even a salad, I don’t think).  But if more people roll up in there requesting vegan meals, maybe they will?  If nothing else you know you can eat the cucumber in your Pimm's Cup.  ;)

Unfortunate note: it must have off menu at the time around our wedding (I was looking), but it's there now: they do in fact serve foie gras.  }:(

Redemption (New Orleans cuisine)
Mid-City location: 3835 Iberville
Redemption will produce what I hear is really an excellent vegan meal.  However, their actual menu is far from vegan friendly: it includes the dreaded foie gras, and feature a dish they've named "lamb lollipops."  Really?  There are some seemingly vegetarian salads, but they all contain cheese so there may be a rennet issue for the dedicated.  One more positive though - housed in an abandoned church, the space is gorgeous.

Reginelli's (Mediterranean and Pizza)
Uptown location: 741 State Street at Magazine, accessible by streetcar (St. Charles line)
Garden District location: 3244 Magazine Street, at Pleasant near Louisiana, accessible by streetcar (St. Charles line)
Lakeview location: 874 Harrison Avenue between Marshall Foch and General Diaz
Downtown / CBD location: 930 Poydras between O'Keefe and Barrone, accessible by streetcar (St. Charles line)
check website for additional locations in Metairie, Kenner, and Baton Rouge
This local chain brings their own brand of Mediterranean foods to the entire metro area. Watch out, they like to sprinkle parmesan on things.  But if you get a good server and mention that you are vegan, they will note it on your order -the kitchen pays attention.  They will make you a pizza without cheese on it, which is tasty.  There is also a salad - "Salad Number Three" - that is served on top of flatbread.  You'll have to leave off the mozzarella, but they'll sub avocado for it at no charge. Don't forget your pitcher of Abita Amber, which will only cost you $2 on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Rue de la Course (coffee shop)
Carrollton / Riverbend location: 1150 S. Carrollton at the corner of Oak Street
Streetcar accessible (S. Carrollton line {likely via St. Charles line})
Not much to eat here, although I do find a bagel with smashed banana rather satisfying.  But they always a nice selection of iced teas, and a tasty soy latte is never a problem.  They do serve sandwiches and salads, but their menu is completely meat oriented (yes, even the salads!).  The baristas may be willing to make you an all-vegetable sandwich, but I've been told that the bread itself is not vegan (milk and eggs in it) - I'm looking into it.

Sake Cafe (Sushi and Japanese cuisine)
Uptown / Garden District / Irish Channel location: 2830 Magazine Street
near the corner of Washington, streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Elmwood location: 1130 S. Clearview Parkway (within Elmwood Shopping Center)
Metairie location: 4210 Veterans Blvd. between Lake Villa Drive and Houma Blvd, lake side
Kenner location: 817 West Esplanade Avenue, river side, near Chateau Blvd.
Some good veg rolls here.  As any good sushi place should, they'll make rolls not on the menu such as mango.  It’s an upscale, fancy looking place, if maybe bordering on and even tipping over the edge of tacky from time to time.  Regarding miso soup, I don't believe that I have asked about bonito, so check with your server.  But the tempura is confirmed sans egg.  I highly suggest the Warm Mushroom Salad and the Portobello Tempura Roll.  Regarding the Magazine street location, it beats out nearby locales with one simple fact: it has a parking lot.

Santa Fe Tapas (Gourmet Southwestern, small plates)
Uptown / Garden District / Irish Channel location: 1327 St. Charles Avenue
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Owner Orhan Ergun may greet you at the door with his warm smile and a kiss on each cheek.  In the Fall of 2011 he reached out to the Nola vegan community with his interest in adding a vegan brunch and vegan entrees to his repertoire - we of course were more than happy to match his enthusiasm.  The result is a weekly Saturday "jazz" brunch at this upscale but relatively laid back locale.  I suggest going for the full three courses, but you're also welcome to stop in for just a bite or even just a coffee.

Satsuma Cafe (coffee shop and light fare)
Bywater location: 3218 Dauphine between Louisa and Piety
Uptown location: Oak Street
After everything I'd heard, I was surprised when I visited to find that they didn't actually have anything vegan on the menu - just a few vegetarian items.  I hear they do occasionally have a vegan quiche made with Daiya, and hopefully they'll carry that more frequently. Perhaps, too, they change the menu often and I caught it a bad moment.  No matter.  It's a cute space, and the staff is familiar with vegans and very accommodating.  They do have vegan cheese for sandwiches, and while it's the rice slices that no one is too fond of, it'll add a little salt and color to your roasted veggies.  Of note: Satsuma is home to a brilliant pastry chef, Ms. Christina Balzebre, and as such you will at times find delicacies such as vegan bread pudding, coffee cake, tiramisu, and the like.  Call ahead or check their facebook page for the day's selections.

Schiro's Cafe {Julie's Little India Kitchen} (Indian / American / Brunch)
Marigny / Bywater location: 2483 Royal Street at St. Roch
There's a lot going on at Schiro's - a restaurant, a bar, a laundromat, a bed and breakfast... Even within the restaurant, they're serving everything from Northern Indian to gumbo to fried eggs.  I haven't visited, but I've heard tell of the food - it seems that some of the Indian options should be vegan.  If you investigate please let me know.

Shake Sugary (Bakery)
Bywater location: 3600 St. Claude Avenue, open only on Saturdays and Sundays
Shake Sugary makes a variety of pastries, some of which are vegan.  Storefront hours are limited, but look for their sweet breads and rolls in coffee shops around town.

Siamese Thai Cuisine (Thai cuisine)
Metairie location: 6601 Veterans Memorial Blvd., in the same shopping center as The Peacebaker
Standard Thai with solid vegan options.  Stop by The Peacebaker three doors down to make it worth the trip to the darkest depths of Metairie!

Slim Goodies (American / Diner)
Uptown / Garden District location: 3322 Magazine just upriver of Louisiana
This is a small, hip diner greasy spoon of a place - now double the size it was before the storm.  They do in fact offer tofu as a substitute protein in some dishes; for example there's a tofu scramble.  But be warned - it's flavored almost exclusively with turmeric.  Their vegan chili is quite good though.  The veg "bacon" they offer is actually just tempeh, but it's really good tempeh.  And the hash browns are just exactly what hash browns should be.  A good spot if you're looking for that kind of heavy breakfast / brunch food... maybe after a very late night of drinking?  No dinner though.  They're only open from 6am to 3pm.  You can check out their FB here.

Special Tea Nola (coffee and tea shop) - may be closed
Mid-City Location: 4337 Banks Street
Streetcar accessible (Canal St. line)
Special Tea is a laid back coffee and tea shop that inhabits half a shotgun, just across the street from Banks Street Bar & Grill.  They proclaim themselves "vegan friendly" and host vegan brunches on Sundays!  Keep an eye on this growing business, and stop by to show your support.

Sugar Park (American cuisine)
Bywater location: 3054 St. Claude Avenue
Vegan-friendly joint in the Bywater.  Try the veggie spaghetti and meatballs or the meatball sub... and don't skip the special cocktail menu.

Sukho Thai (Thai cuisine)
Faubourg Marigny location: 1913 Royal Street at the corner of Touro
Uptown location: 4519 Magazine Street, between Jena and Cadiz near Napoleon
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
This is my favorite Thai in the city!  Options are unsurprisingly tofu or vegetable based, and you should definitely clarify with your server that they will not come with egg.  UPDATE: Exciting news: they have recently updated the menu to include a vegan section!

Superfood Bar (raw food smoothies and soups)
Uptown location: 4113 Magazine Street almost at the corner of Marengo
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Run by talented chefs Amie and Joseph, it's easy to miss this little hot spot of awesomely healthy smoothies - so keep your eyes peeled as you're heading down this hip strip of Magazine Street.  If you're looking for something a bit more healthy after sampling New Orleans' heavier delicacies this is definitely the place.  They don't advertise themselves as vegan, but to my knowledge they do not carry anything containing animal products.  EXCITING UPDATE: Superfood now has a nice big seating area!  Stop by, check it out, and support!!

Surrey's (American / Brunch / New Orleans cuisine)
Uptown location: 4807 Magazine between Bordeaux and Lyons
Streetcar accessible, St. Charles line
Lower Garden District location: 1418 Magazine* between Terpsichore and Euterpe
*Magazine Street runs one way, going Uptown, at this point; Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Open only from 8am to 3pm, this is a great spot for your breakfast / brunch / lunch needs.  There are a handful of vegan options at each location, but my favorite so far is the avocado pesto sandwich (with tofu) at the Uptown store.  For those with a sweet tooth, the vegan pain perdu is GORGEOUS (Uptown only, based on the menus).  A note for vegetarians: the banana pancake is as big as the plate it's served on, and significantly bigger than your head.

Taj Mahal (Northern Indian and Goan)
Old Metairie location: 923 Metairie Road near Rosa
just past the Langenstein's shopping center on the lake side
A second offering from the same people who own Nirvana Uptown.  Nothing too earthshattering here, but the staff is friendly and eager to answer any questions you may have about ghee and the like.  Update: Taj Mahal now makes southern Indian dishes!!  To my knowledge, this is the only place in the city making dosais, vada, sambar, and the like.  Check it out!!!

TCBY (Frozen Yogurt, dessert)
Old Metairie location: 701 Metairie Road in the shopping center with the post office and the CC's
This can't be yogurt?  The country's best yogurt?  However you'd like to translate the name, the fact remains that TCBY has partnered with Silk to offer an almond-based frozen yogurt.  Stop by the Metairie location and check it out - just don't get caught by the train!

Theo's Neighborhood Pizza (Pizza and American)
Mid-City location: 4024 Canal Street at the corner of N. Carrollton
Streetcar accessible (N. Carrollton line and Canal Street line)
Uptown / Garden District location: 4218 Magazine Street between General Pershing and Milan
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Theo's has recently added to their menu a very exciting option... the VEGAN-ATOR!!  Yes, it's a vegan pizza.  No, it does not come with vegan cheese.  But I'm cool with that.  The dish is PILED with vegetables, mushrooms, pineapple, & kalamata olives.  The staff on Magazine Street confirms that they will add vegan cheese if you supply it, though we have yet to test this.  (If you try it out, let us know!  Be smart and bring them a new, unopened package.) There are a multitude of other veg toppings if this particular combo doesn't do it for you.  Check out their website here.

Tutti Fruti Frozen Yogurt (dessert)
Uptown location: 3720 Magazine Street between Peniston and Amelia - MAY BE CLOSED
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Kenner location: 817 West Esplanade at Chateau
Harvey location: 1547 Lapalco
The Tutti Fruti website proudly proclaims the wonderful ways in which its soy frozen yogurt will save the world.  Ironically it's barely being served in the Nola area.  But we've had a break: the Magazine Street location (which, yes, is part of a gas station thank you very much) has just begun swirling it!  It can also be found at the Harvey and Kenner locations.  But as of Summer 2012, the Metairie location has no plans for soy.  (Which means, call them up and ask for it!  504.371.5195.)

Upperline (New Orleans cuisine / Fine Dining)
Uptown location: 1413 Upperline at Prytania
Streetcar accessible (St. Charles line)
Much in the vein of Redemption above, there is nothing vegan (and there are several things offensive) on the menu.  It's a lovely space - I live quite near it - really just a converted uptown house, surrounded by delicate flowers and banana trees. Accounts from fellow vegans suggest that Upperline will make you a lovely vegan meal... if and ONLY if you call ahead.  If you simply show up, you may get tossed out on your ear.

Zeke's Restaurant (New Orleans seafood)
Old Metairie location: 1517 Metairie Road between Codifer and Bonnabel, lake side
These folks, I hear, will make you a gourmet vegan meal off-menu.  The New Orleans Vegetarian Meetup Group even hosted an event there, so we're 100% sure that the kitchen can and will crank out tasty vegan plates.  As always though, when there's nothing vegan or very veganizable actually on the menu, it's advisable to call ahead.

Z'Otz (coffee shop and light fare)
Uptown / Carrollton / Riverbend location: 8210 Oak Street
between Dublin and Dante, 1.5 blocks in from S. Carrollton
Streetcar accessible (S. Carrollton line {likely via St. Charles line})
You could get a soy latte at the Rue on the corner, plug in your laptop, and study for a few hours.  OR, you could head down Oak a couple of blocks and hang out at Z'Otz, a coffee house that is more like a permanent art installation.  You can get your soy latte there too, but you might also be able to get a vegan eclair, or some other delicacy, or some dinner-type food.  You just never know what treats they'll have in store for you.  Their vegan offerings are inconsistent, but frequent and delicious.


  1. My husband and I recently stopped in at Sudkho Thai on Magazine and we were very impressed! Their "vegetarian menu" proclaims that all dishes are made vegan...this is a major mis-nomer on their menu. So when I ordered the "vegan" pad thai, my waiter asked to make sure I was vegetarian and not vegan because they use egg-I was so happy He asked! he said it's a major misunderstanding all the time--so he made mine without the egg and it was FABULOUS!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Kelli! I haven't gotten to try out Sukho Thai yet - it's on my list! I am in fact impressed with their selection of vegetarian entrees, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. :)

  3. I was recommended this page and I have to say THANK YOU! It is very hard to find good vegan restaurants when traveling and I am very excited to try some of the places you've mentioned. :)

  4. I'm so glad that you found it! Feel free to drop me a line while you're in town if you have any specific questions. The list needs updating but should still be largely accurate!

  5. thank you for this list! i'm going to be in NOLA for x-mas (i was there last year but got sick). even though i'm not vegan, if i get sick again i will be!

  6. Thanks so much for the list! I've only been vegan a few months and while I've found certain go-to dishes from places in my midcity neighborhood it is great to know that I have other options. Also, I am planning a wedding in December and would like it to be vegan...I found your NY vegan wedding blog and have been exploring it. Any tips on venues, caterers, etc.? I just started planning and am getting overwhelmed with the seemingly non vegan choices! Thanks, Melissa!

  7. Meals From the Heart Cafe in the French Market has a delicious vegan smoothie and some really wonderful vegan meals. They really support a plant based diet and will make you something not on the menu if they have the items on hand. You have to wait a good amount of time for your food but everything is literally made from scratch when you order. It's a little pricey but it's expected for the location.

  8. I've been meaning to check out Meals from the Heart - it struck me as more of a "heart healthy / low cholesterol" kind of place. Good to know that they have more than one or two vegan options!

  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to write these reviews. I was just in NOLA for Mardi Gras and consulted your list often. Unfortunately, being there over a Monday and being confined to places that we could walk to due to parades, we didn't get to sample any of the good looking places. (In fact, we mainly lived off of the hummus that we brought with us.) Reginelli's did come in handy when we were starving Sunday night after the parades, and we found Meals from the Heart thanks to the earlier comment. The black bean burgers and soup were good, and the vegan shake was a nice addition. There were also vegan salads on the menu, and though the wait was long, it was worth it after the disappointment of finding Green Goddess unexpectedly closed.

  10. Hi Susan! I'm so glad you found my lil guide useful. Yeah, during Mardi Gras weekend most bets are unfortunately off - places are operating on a whole other schedule (if they're operating at all). Great to know that Meals from the Heart has such good options! I hope you enjoyed your trip anyway, and that you get to come back and visit us during a calmer time and can enjoy more of our great vegan spots.

  11. Gotta be careful at Frosty's Cafe in Met. The tofu bun is served with fish sauce - which they will assure you repeatedly is vegetarian until you say you don't eat fish - so you have to explicitly ask for no fish sauce. The hoisin and chili sauces on the table do fix the flavor right up though :)

  12. Yep, as I believe I mention with all the listings for Vietnamese restaurants, you generally need to request peanut sauce instead of nuac mam with your dishes. (That's the traditional sauce served with dern near anything, that does contain fish sauce as an ingredient along with rice vinegar, red chilis, and some other seasonings.) The only exception I'm aware of is at Jazmine Cafe - when you order the tofu and avocado bun, they'll bring you peanut sauce automatically. ;)

  13. I've only tried a handful of places when I've been there on vacation. This will make my move in June 2013 much easier :) Thank you!

  14. The PeaceBaker in Metairie has amazing vegan cupcakes and handpies, cinnamon rolls and breads. It is a must see and taste place! All gluten-free too!! I had their whoopie pie and it was fabulous. They do these creamy stuffed cookies too. i get something different everytime!

  15. Hi Anon- yes, I have heard many things about the Peace Baker! I have not made it out that way yet, but I am pleased to hear that such great vegan options are popping up in Metairie.

  16. Great information...headed into the city today and relieved I can enjoy my time without worrying about food choices. THANKS A bunch.

  17. Cajun Cafe at the Market (1100 N Peters, Bay Ste 23, New Orleans · (504) 427-7751)

    It's located inside the French Market and is incredible!!! They have gluten and casien/milk free crawfish etouffee, and VEGAN etouffee (mushroom replaced crawfish).

    They have a variety of other vegan delights, including Gluten Free, Casein/Milk Free, Vegan Almond Milk Hot Chocolate with whipped rice topping YUM!!!

    The owner, Andrew Engolio, also owns Catering d'Orleans and they specialize in Authentic NOLA Vegan delights, as well as Gluten Free, Casein/Milk Free, Allergy Sensitive foods from all nationalities.

  18. Thanks so much anon! I hadn't heard of Cajun Cafe! I'll have to check it out.

  19. The place that used to be Tomatillo's is now Mojito's. They have a great veggie burger and a super delicious Grilled Asparagus Salad. They have other yummy salad options, just make sure to request all items without cheese.

  20. Thanks so much for the info Mrs. D's! I need to get down there and try the asparagus...

  21. Thank you for this! You saved my life this past week!

    Dreamy Weenies was awesome! I was able to get a chili cheese kielbasa. When I asked if they had vegan cheese, the response was an enthusiastic "Of course!". Lol, not your typical response! :)

    I would also recommend Country Flame, it's about a block off Canal. I got some great fried sweet plantain fajitas. They also have yucca fajitas. They bring you a giant basket of chips and salsa right away. It's a great little hole in the wall place.

    Thanks again!

  22. KC Babycakes is no longer selling retail at Columbia natural foods :-/

  23. Hi Anon - so glad my listing was helpful! I will definitely check out Country Flame, thanks!

  24. The picture on this article, looks like papusa's from La Macarana on Hampson uptown..however I don't see them listed here? Very good vegan options :)

    1. Deirdre! How in the world did I miss adding that place to the list?!?! That is in fact exactly what is in the photo. I am going to update the list right now!!

  25. Thanks for keeping this blog.

    This made finding food soo much easier.

  26. Not sure if my comment from the other day went through, but there's no harm posting it again! :)
    My friend sent me a link to your blog and I have super stoked! Thank you so much for sharing this blog with everyone. And I MUST inform you that the miso soup at Sake Cafe is NOT vegan! They do use bonito and some servers are actually not aware of this. (I work there so I know. I question everything, hehe.)

  27. Hi anon - thanks so much for the comment! I'm so glad to know that my lil' list helped you out. And thank you for the info re Sake Cafe! FYI, I do know for sure that Ninja will make vegan miso upon request.

  28. Do any of the restaurants mentioned prepare any fresh all RAW vegan dishes?

    1. Hi Anon! There is not too much raw stuff around Nola, but there is some. Your best bet will be Superfood Bar - they do a wonderful variety of live smoothies, as well as raw tacos and awesome salads.

    2. Oh also! You should ask on the Vegan New Orleans Facebook page - the people who hang around there tend to know about everything!

  29. N'awlins Jazz Cafe has an actual vegan menu! They make vegan red beans and rice, jambalaya, butter beans etc. It's a great option for people who want to try some NOLA flavors without the meat or dairy. They have a location in the French market but they also have an actual restaurant on Magazine St.

  30. In addition to vegan friendly sorbetti and salads, La Divina Cafe e Gelateria, 621 St. Peter Street in the French Quarter has several vegetarian panini that they will make vegan on request.

    1. Good to know Anon - I will have to check it out!

  31. Most "upscale" restaurants I've been to will make me a vegan meal if I let them know ahead of time. Borgne has consistently made my favorite of the various ones I've gone to. Even Commander's Palace prepared a great vegan brunch for me. One of the chefs there is vegan (this was June '13)

    1. So true! Honestly, anyplace that has a real kitchen *should* be able to make you a vegan meal, right? The question is always whether they *will,* and whether it will be any good! ;)

  32. Your vegan map is great! Can we be added to the list? Vintage Garden Kitchen offers soups made from scratch, salads, and bowls (rice and quinoa) with a nice vegan selection. We have a lunch spot in the CBD and a retail location for the soups in Metairie.

  33. I got to village coffee of Freret a lot. For a while they did not have anything vegan on their night and weekend menu. However, they were very good about checking ingredients and making substitution. After enough times of make special orders they actually added a vegan night and weekend sandwich (depending on what bread you get). It's actually really good. I haven't gone during regular menu time but I believe some of their vegetarian options can be made vegan.

  34. There is a good list of smoke free venues in New Orleans here:

  35. What about Ta vegan menu options in new Orleans or baton rouge?? Something besides a basic salad would be sooooo awesome! Please help!!

    1. Not sure what Ta is? (Not sure whether it's a typeo or something I haven't heard of!) I can say though that by early November I hope to be expanding this list and The Map to include Baton Rouge options!

  36. Hillel's Kitchen at 912 Broadway street has awesome vegan choices, and all their food is local, organic, seasonal, and kosher!

    1. Yes, thanks for reminding me about this place! I have refrained from including it in my listings because it seems so geared toward students - for instance right now they're open for three hours during lunch on weekdays only! But hey, students need vegan options too! ;)

  37. Although they may not be good for vegans, these two restaurants are good for vegeterians. Dante's Kitchen is one good option, as they have great vegetable dishes. Also Domenica has an amazing cauliflower dish and several options of pastas and pizzas.

  38. fyi Cafe Grenada closed last month :(

    1. Oh no, that stinks! I really loved them. :( Thanks for letting me know!

  39. Your post was sooo helpful for us when we visited New Orleans recently. We particularly enjoyed Meals from the Heart - I got a Portobello mushroom sandwich for the flight back from there and we enjoyed the black bean soup and salad another day. Feelings also has a vegan restaurant upstairs - "Bhava" and while staying in Bywater we enjoyed Satsuma and over in Marigny the New Orleans Cake Cafe for breakfast. Seems like many restaurants in the area were very accommodating to us vegans as well. We also liked shopping at the Co-op on N. Rampart and staying at the Dragonfly B and B - she was super helpful. Thanks for the tip about 13 - I had to go over there from Maison because they had nothing vegan on the menu...they served us a salad but we returned it as it had goat cheese on it! Too bad as it's a great music
    My husband's fave was the vegan brunch at Santa Fe Tapas and we both really enjoyed Bennachin - we had leftovers!. We also discovered FARE on Magazine street for juices and yummy dark chocolate pecan cookies.

    I wish I had made note of Praline Connection on Frenchmen Street - oh well, next time. We did have a nice meal at Mona's.

    Needless to say we had an amazing time in your city - we feel pretty privilieged with all the veg restaurants we have in Toronto, but we felt very welcome most everywhere in the Big Easy. Thanks again!!

  40. Are there any vegan-friendly restaurants within a few blocks of Morial Convention Center?

    1. Hi! The closest one to the convention center that I know of is Carmo, located at 527 Julia Street. It's probably a 15 minute walk? They always have great vegan options! About a block further up from the river you'll also find La Casita, a Mexican place with several vegan options and great drinks. Hope that helps!

  41. Great!! What a long list. Thanks for sharing all the restaurants. I have seen so many best happy hour nyc venues in Las Vegas and tasted their food but August moon and Back to the garden are my favorite places, I can visit there anytime.

  42. Yeah! You know it is my favorite food item served by Boston restaurants.You will be surprised knowing that I am capable to eat it in plenty also. But do not you think; this menu item seems somewhat like as an Indian food item?

  43. THANK YOU!!!! Please update often, this is so helpful

  44. You really seem to know your restaurants. My wife and I only have a short list of restaurants that we frequent right now. I would like to expand that list though. There are so many new and fun places to try.

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